"Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime" by Ann Margret - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Ann Margret is given a disco title with the talent of producer Paul Sabu (Debbie Jacobs, Sister Power, Sabu) in 1980 with her single “Love Rush”. A true captive moment for sex-kitten of the 60s who is transformed into the lure of the disco beat and the fabulous stage sound of Sabu’s magic. Her follow up single “Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes” is another track that is perfection for Ann with a downbeat and moody yet sensual feel. It is another track that made disco music echo longer throughout the early 80s.

I have taken the single “Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes” and edited a Disco Video Mix appropriately with the 1971 comedy-drama film “Carnal Knowledge” with Ann Margret and Jack Nicholson in the foreground. The film which explores relationships that are based on light sexual encounters plays out well in the sexy feel of this disco track. It is a photoplay for the beauty that Ann Margret displays throughout the film.

The film was directed by Mike Nichols

This Disco Video Mix is dedicated to Paul Sabu

Featuring scenes from "Carnal Knowledge" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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