“Make That Feeling Come Again” by Beautiful Bend - Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Blending the beauty of Brian De Palma’s 1975 mystery, “Obsession” and Boris Midney’s production of Beautiful Bend’s “Make That Feeling Come Again” was an attempt to bring a flowing canvas of orchestral disco and cinematic visions.

Both pieces are the most incredible in artistry. I have placed the classic 1978 disco piece “Make That Feeling Come Again” with “Obsession” to coincide with Cliff Robertson’s obsession with his wife’s death and the need to bring her image and her feeling back to life. Geneviève Bujold is placed in this masterpiece of images and a style of disco music that created by Boris Midney by using technical wizardry along with classical string sections and wonderful melodies that are interrupted by percussion breaks and haunting effects. Very similar along the outline of what the film “Obsession” is about.

Taking the finale of the film and the last chorus of Midney’s wonderful piece I feel are the perfect closing for sound and pictures.

Featuring scenes from “Obsession” (Directed by Brian DePalma) – RENT THE DVD!
Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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