“I Cry For You” by Bobby “O” – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Bobby “O” (Robert Phillip Orlando) was a powerhouse artist and producer in the 80s. His dance music was a cut-to-chase disco sound with heavy synthesizers, percussion and mad-riffs. Many of his recordings were featured under various names – Waterfront Home, The Flirts, Oh Romeo, One-Two-Three and Hotline are a few.

“I Cry For You” comes from his 1983 album “Freedom In An Unfree World” which contained several successful 12” single releases. This was a time where if your blinked – you may have missed one of his many productions.

I have taken the 1984 action-drama film, “Streets Of Fire” starring Michael Pare, Diane Lane and Rick Moranis into this Disco Video Mix – it is the story of a mercenary whom goes after a gang who has kidnapped his ex-friend/rock star. The light elements of the film that focus on the remembrance of a relationship work well with the music.

The film was directed by Walter Hill

Featuring scenes from “Streets Of Fire” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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