“Score” by Carol Lloyd – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Carol Lloyd is a disco artists whose 1979 album “Score” was the product of producer Bruce Weeden and Michael Forte – who worked on the Ultimate (“Love Is The Ultimate”) project and also features on backup Leza Holmes, Renee Johnson and Sharon Williams who are also the vocals for the first USA European Connection project “Come Into My Heart/Good Loving”. The album reflected the sound of Philly-disco with the sophisticated Euro edge. This was the only album from Carol besides a 12” single – “Come See About Me” from 1982.

I have taken the track “Score” and blended it with the 1965 musical, “Billie” starring Patty Duke, Jim Backus and Jane Greer. The dance sequences with and sometimes without the boys and without the girls adds to the theme of the song. It has a fun and exciting climax as Carol repeats the focus of men and their prowl for the night.

The film was directed by Don Weis

Featuring scenes from “Billie” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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