“Call Me Tonight” by Cerrone – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Cerrone’s 1979 project “Angelina” is a continuance of his genius in both composition and execution of dance floor fantasy. The classic track “Call Me Tonight” features Michelle Aller on lead vocals and a sensual yearning that has made followers of both new and old Cerrone fans. One of my all-time favorites of the time and also for years following as I have experienced the track during early morning dance programs and watched dancers reach a new level of excitement with its musical flow and the fantastic trip is creates.

I have taken scenes from the 1984 suspense drama “Mike’s Murder” starring Debra Winger – minus the drug references and crime scenes – I have lit a new flame for the love story between Debra and Mark Keyloun. It plays our as sensual as the disco track and also gives a nice interpretation of what Cerrone’s music spells out.

The film was directed by James Bridges

Featuring scenes from “Mike’s Murder” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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