“Bad Love” by Cher – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Cher released several disco tracks during 1979 including the Bob Esty production and classic, “Take Me Home”. Featured on the soundtrack to “Foxes” in 1980 is “Bad Love” produced by Giorgio Moroder and co-written with Cher. The track has the Moroder electronic feel which he brought to disco and then pop dance music of the 80s. The theme of “Bad Love” is fitting for the films theme where a group of teens find out the hard way about love, life and heartbreak on the streets.

I have paired the track with a rare film by Cher from 1969 titled “Chasity” produced by Sonny Bono about a runaway drifter who finds pain and a tough lesson in dealing with an abusive childhood. The film has a dark edge and is only placed here for a photoplay of Cher’s unique look and of course the period of 60’s love child exploration. It is however a great montage to experience that Cher and Moroder teaming with a touch of disco magic!

The film was directed by Alessio de Paola

Featuring scenes from “Chasity” – RENT THE DVD
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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