“Let Them Dance” by D.C. LaRue – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

D.C. LaRue is one of the iconic sounds and figures of disco music. His vision and sound are a true disco fantasy as seen in his projects “Ca-The-Drals”, “Confessions”, “Forces Of The Night” and “Star Baby” – each with a message and direction which enables the imagination to take the dance floor one step higher. “Let Them Dance” comes from the album “Confessions” and displays a stage for disco created by D.C. and producer/arranger, Bob Esty. One of my favorite disco stories of the love, heartbreak and the hypnotic pulse of the disco dance floor.

I have taken scenes from the 2011 Canadian film, “Funkytown” and created a montage of imagery which follows the rhythm and some of the somewhat sinister feel of the disco song.

The film was directed by Daniel Roby

Featuring scenes from “Funkytown” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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