“You Can Always Tell A Lady (By The Company She Keeps)” by D.C. LaRue – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

D.C. LaRue is one of the disco stars which caught my attention with his flair for an appeal of Broadway-like humor and stage camp in themes and delivery. Together with producer Bob Esty they were a force in disco music which added a new layer of excitement. Many of D.C’s recordings became instant classics – “Cathedrals”, “Deep, Dark, Delicious Night” and “Let Them Dance” to grab at a few. This disco is the stage drama which appealed and set a proper energy for clubs and an emerging out-of-the-closet style of music. It is a unique blend which to this day makes me feel good about understanding and grasping D.C.’s genius.

“You Can Always Tell A Lady (By The Company She Keeps)” is a sexy-camp piece that has a disco-ragtime feel with its clever arrangement – seemingly guided by a backup of D.C.’s own female ensemble with explosive energy.

I have taken the track in this Disco Video Mix adventure along with the John Waters cult-classic “Pink Flamingos” from 1972 – using pieces of Divine’s awesome performance as “The Filthiest Person Alive” in a new way. It is a fun and simple way to sum up our heroines parallel with the disco track.

The film was directed by John Waters

This Disco Video Mix is dedicated to D.C. LaRue and Bob Esty – what would disco be without them – I shudder to think about it!

Featuring scenes from “Pink Flamingos” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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