“La Cucaracha” by Eastside Connection – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Eastside Connection is a disco band from Los Angeles, California releasing five 12” singles from 1976 – 1979. Their first single is a disco version of the Spanish folk corridor from the Mexican Revolution – “La Cucaracha” – the song is about a cockroach that has lost one of its six legs and is struggling to walk with the remaining five. Quite strange?

The disco version is produced by Eddie Davis and has a strange eerie mood – which brings me to this “even stranger” Disco Video Mix – I have taken the 1975 William Castle horror flick, “Bug” and mixed the two in this weird little cult-like feature.

The horror film is the story of a small town and after an earthquake opened the ground a prehistoric specimen of cockroach that can ignite fires from rubbing their hind legs together causes havoc. And if this is not enough, a local mad-scientist begins to experiment with the bug and creates a flesh eating off spring that can fly!

Okay, this is my strange sense of humor.

The film was directed by William Castle

Featuring scenes from “Bug” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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