"Money" by The Flying Lizards – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

The Flying Lizards are David Cunningham and Patti Palladin. The experimental recordings that fit for an appropriate point in dance music where punk, new wave and synth-pop began to emerge from the success of the disco music wave. “Money” is their 1979 single and an odd-cover of the 1959 Barret Strong soul-classis – co-written by Motown founder Barry Gordy. The Flying Lizards take the mood of the original and give it a slight twist of care and attitude. This one was quite popular in clubs where experimental DJs worked it into their programs. It is an opportunity to give up your senses to a new generation of sound.

I have taken the accosted song and created a Disco Video Mix using scenes from the 1979 comedy film, “The Jerk” starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. The outline is obvious and the goal tears away the purpose here. It is another twisted effect to use in this Disco Video Mix that rarely goes broke.

The film was directed by Carl Reiner

Featuring scenes from "The Jerk" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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