"Dance Fantasy" By Free Life - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

One of the most incredible records in 1979 on the disco circuit was "Dance Fantasy" by Free Life - produced by Carl Warlwell, Philip Bailey (of Earth, Wind and Fire) and Tommy Vicari.

A powerhouse dance number with a pulsating intro that bursts into energy and excitement and also a break that sends bongos into the air. This one was quite popular in clubs all over but did not have the proper stand to create a band identity. However, it still works and does best as an underground hit.

My concept in taking the 1979 film, "All That Jazz" by Bob Fosse and syncing the energy and theme were based on the concept that a love for music and dancing is deeper in the soul than one may think. The film may have been a bit strange in that most of it takes place in a fantasy - this is the connection.

"All That Jazz" stars Roy Scheider and Jessica Lange
Directed by Bob Fosse

Featuring scenes from "All That Jazz" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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