“Dancer” by Gino Soccio - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Gino Soccio created the LP “Outline” in 1978 - it’s innovative content moved dance floors and set a new style of disco music in motion. Soccio work with studio bands Kebekelektrik and With Queen helped to solidify a sound that was becoming the cutting edge of disco productions in the late 70’s.

“Dancer” is a mystifying track with a variation of sounds - hardcore disco elements, trance-like aura and a driving electro influence. Many of his projects to follow would inject this formula, yet retain an original presence.

This Disco Video Mix takes this masterpiece and places if below the 1983 music/drama “Flashdance” starring Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri. The film was the story of a club dancer dreaming of reaching success with her talent. It was a successful film with a memorable theme track, which now is moved with a 70’s classic disco track.

Directed by Adrian Lyne

Featuring scenes from “Flashdance” - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmon

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