“Lost Angeles” by Giorgio – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Giorgio Moroder created a new world for disco music in the mid-70s with his innovative and creative use of electronic drums, percussion and computerized pianos. “From Here To Eternity” from 1977 made a big mark on dance floors using a robotic rhythm and vocoders to supply a futuristic voice and vocal. This was one of the new sounds that disco music claimed immediately thanks to the genius of Moroder. Many of projects would use his new found space-like concerto’s including movements on Donna Summer’s 2 biggest disco successes – and the classic piece which Donna made her own also, “I Feel Love” from 1977. “Lost Angeles” is a part of Moroder’s “From Here To Eternity” masterpiece which plays out with trickles of synthetic rhythm pulsating below a female ensemble crying out for a lost soul in the city which never ceased to deliver the nightlife and forgotten dreams of those caught in it.

I have taken the piece out of the medley and used it with a new focus – this Disco Video Mix pairs it with visuals from a science fiction war played out in the City of Angels. “Battle: Los Angeles” from 2011 is military battle with a hostile extraterrestrial life form which enters our atmosphere from meteors. Segments of the fight and destruction of the big city is the pictorial for Moroder’s now, haunting electronic piece.

The film was directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Featuring scenes from “Battle: Los Angeles” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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