"Greyhound Bus" by Gregg Diamond's Hardware - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Gregg Diamond produced some of disco's most prestigious music -- from projects by George McCrae, Gloria Gaynor and Andrea True Connection. Some of his best works were his studio productions by Bionic Boogie, Star Cruiser and Hardware. This cut recorded under Hardware is from the LP featuring the single, "Shinin'" which was the only track released as a 12" single.

Being a big fan of Diamond's productions I found his creativity as a writer to be equally as interesting and "left field" - songs like "Greyhound Bus" were as playful with their words as they were musically. Hardware was more of a disco band style of sound so horns and his vocal ensemble were the focus here. Featuring Diva Gray, Gordon Grody and Jocelyn Brown on vocals as well as jazz musician, David Sanborn on saxophone.

Taking the 1976 film, "The Big Bus" which was a spoof on 70's disaster films was an idea I got while thinking about the Gregg Diamond track. The film directed by James Frawley (credited with episodes of "That Girl", "Magnum P.I." and "The Muppet Movie" among many others) is an uproarious adventure with stars, Joseph Bologna, Stockard Channing, Ned Beatty, John Beck and Ruth Gordon. It is the first spoof on disasters which many mistake, "Airplane" as the forerunner. It was just as cleaver, but probably not as effective as "Airplane's success. It was the ultimate disaster film parody of a nuclear powered bus is going Non-stop from New York to Denver -- but not without a few problems.

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Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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