“This Side Of Midnight” by Gregg Diamond’s Star Cruiser – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Gregg Diamond’s Star Cruiser is a 1978 project from the producer extraordinaire of boogie/funk and the sound of disco music which bought the late 70s a new edge. His work with past artists like George McCrae, Gloria Gaynor, Andrea True Connection, Ian Lloyd and his own Bionic Boogie and Hardware disco projects gave us a groovy disco arrangement and a feel.

“This Side Of Midnight” is from the 1978 album “Star Cruiser” and features Diva Gray, Jocelyn Brown and Gordon Grody on vocals. A big disco classic with all of Diamond’s magic intact.

I have taken the album version of “This Side Of Midnight” and transferred the disco emotion to the real drama of the film based on the 1973 novel by Sidney Sheldon – “The Other Side of Midnight” – the film stars Marie-France Pisier, John Beck and Susa Sarandon. I have centered on the love between Marie-France and John Beck and kept only the bright side of their love and moved the drama slightly outward.

The film was directed by Charles Jarott

Featuring scenes from “The Other Side Of Midnight” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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