"Magic Man" by Heart - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

"Magic Man" was the big boost for rock music in 1976 -- I also believe that this track had one of the most groovin' bass lines. Be sure to check out my ReStructure Mix -- CLICK HERE

I have taken the classic rock track produced by Mike Flicker and matched up the action from the 1978 horror film, "The Manitou" with Tony Curtis, Stella Stevens and Susan Strasberg -- the motion picture was a leftover horror film from "The Exorcist" genre. The story being of a woman who grows a tumor on her neck that is actually an Indian medicine man soon to be reborn. It was quite a hoot -- including the climatic ending featuring a special effects light show.

This video mix is dedicated to the sound of 70's rock and Ann and Nancy Wilson.

SPECIAL NOTE: Ann Sothern appears in a cameo in "The Manitou" and a few segments of this video mix.

Thanks to Trey in FL for nudging me here and there and keeping me aware :)

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