"The Ultimate Warlord" by The Immortals - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Originally released in 1979 this track by The Immortals was produced by Canadian producers Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison who were responsible for some of disco's greatest productions. These projects included THP Orchestra, Sticky Fingers, The Duncan Sisters, Big Smoke, Grand Tour, etc. Their touch was always musically innovative and always magical. No doubt that their production of The Immortals pushed them far ahead of their sound.

The use of peculating synthesizers and haunting vocals make this project a lasting experience. In my attempt to keep this sound alive I have taken images from the 2005 Steven Spielberg epic, "War Of The Worlds" -- not only to accent the music of The Immortals, but to understand a whole new concept in the feel of this song. The "warlords" may not be as familiar as a Harry Potter or video game -- they may be right outside our sky.

Scenes from "War Of The Worlds" -- RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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