“Warlord (Part 2)” by The Immortals – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

The Immortals is a disco project from Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison – the production team also known as Three Hats Productions and gave us THP Orchestra, Sticky Fingers, American Fade, The Duncan Sisters, Southern Exposure and Skatt Brothers. Their decent into the 80s and the electronic dance arena began with immediate recognition. “The Ultimate Warlord” is the A-side of this 12” single which scored with the hardcore dance clubs and disc jockeys aiming for a deeper edge. “Warlord (Part 2)” is the B-side and the focus of this Disco Video Mix.

I have used scenes from the 1974 science fiction film “Zardoz” starring Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling. The story about a future post-apocalypse Earth in 2293 where the human population is divided into the immortal “Eternals” and the immortal “Brutals”. A "brutal" played by Connery discovers the truth of the past and how the present has been a deception against what is. The synthesizer creates a moody and powerful backdrop for the ultimate end and beginning.

The film was directed by John Boorman

Featuring scenes from “Zardoz” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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