“Casanova” by Jessica Williams – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Jessica Williams is one of disco music’s greatest treasures. Her vocals embedded in dance music history in projects by Arpeggio, The Simon Orchestra, Romance, French Kiss, and Boys Town Gang. A powerful delivery and energy is the full throttle every dance floor dreams of. “Casanova” is Jessica’s 1987 high energy single – produced and written by dance music pioneers Man Parrish and Paul Parker. One of the heavy bass dance floor cuts which pounds out the love god in an appropriate manner.

I have taken scenes from the 2005 romantic film, "Casanova” starring Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller – a loosely based story on the life of Giacomo Casanova. The 1973 time period gives the disco track a nice abstract feel while it heads in the direction of a new love affair with consequences. It is a favorite high energy piece and could never give my dance floor a rest during its release.

This Disco Video Mix is dedicated to Jessica Williams – who is not only one of my favorite disco icons – but also a fantastic friend. How lucky and I? Thank you, Jessica.

The film was directed by Lasse Hallstrom

Featuring scenes from "Casanova" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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