“Gambling On Your Love” by Jessica Williams – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Jessica Williams covers L.J. Johnson’s “Gambling On Your Love” from his “L.J.’s Love Suite” produced and written by Ian Levine – Jessica’s version was a club anthem as well as the title track “Queen Of Fools” – both released in 1979. Simon Soussan gives the song his masterful disco-touch complete with percussion and bongo fillers that made every night a disco night. A nice symphonic production in the Soussan-style.

I have taken the 1964 Elvis Presley musical-romp “Viva Las Vegas” and created a whole new love affair with disco track and classic 60s dance-a-thon. The film also stars Ann Margret as the love interest and our believer in “lady luck”. The colorful Vegas backdrop also helps give Jessica’s classic a new feel.

The film was directed by George Sidney

Featuring scenes from “Viva Las Vegas” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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