“Mah-Nah-Mah-Nah” by Lipstique – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Lipstique is a studio project from disco producer Jürgen S. Korduletsch – who also gave us Claudia Barry, Ronnie Jones, Gaz, Disco Circus, Mick Rowley, Mascara and Araxis. The first album titled “At The Discotheque” (a cover of Chubby Checker’s 1965 flip-side 45 track) – arranged as a disco medley with a few new instrumental and vocal segments added. The album was a huge hit in clubs and still rings true to the disco period.

“Mah-Nah-Mah-Nah” is another cover of Piero Umiliani’s 1968 composition which originally appeared in an Italian film titled, “Sweden: Heaven and Hell” – it was later covered by Giorgio Moroder in 1968 and then recognized from a popular skit from The Muppets.

I have taken the television comedy series release of “The Best of Benny Hill” and combined the two, since the show occasionally used the musical piece in various skits. It defines the silly and crazy antics of this very-funny man!

The show was directed by John Robins

Featuring scenes from “Best of Benny Hill” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced By Ken Emmons

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