"Airport" by Marc Harris - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Steve Benson (alias Dieter Bohlen from Modern Talking) produced Marc Harris' "Airport" in 1981 -- a small drama about a lover awaiting his connection to a partner via airplane.

Some great guitars and synthesizers paint an exciting adventure of love -- and completing the story are scenes from the 1975 disaster epic, "Airport 1975" from Universal Pictures. Stars Karen Black, Charlton Heston, George Kennedy and a parade of stars including Gloria Swanson and singer, Helen Reddy. I have used some of the key scenes from the film to complete a disco-fied disaster short.

The film was apart of the disaster period of the mid-seventies -- "Airport 1975" was parodied in the 1979 film "Airplane" and for more reasons than one. It still outlines excitement and adventure no matter how ridiculous it may appear.

The track by Marc Harris appeared on Ariola Records and is now a classic high energy disco track.

Scenes from "Airport 1975" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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