“The Greatest Show On Earth” by Metropolis - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

The legendary, Tom Moulton worked with Thor Baldursson to create Metropolis in 1978 - it was disco music reaching a full standard in arrangement and execution. The LP featured the well-known ensemble called The Sweethearts Of Sigma (Carla Benson, Evette Benton and Barbra Ingram) - their work has been endless in dance music from backup for Grace Jones to a studio session in Nightlife Unlimited (“Disco Choo Choo”) - it was obvious these girls had it “going on”.

Their first release from the “The Greatest Show On Earth” was the single “I Love New York” which is a club classic. The title track I have taken into a completely new arena - using scenes from the 1967 film “Berserk” featuring the fabulous, Joan Crawford, Ty Harden, Diana Dors and Judy Geeson. Although the song is a theme based on a broken love I placed it below the mystery of a killer on the loose and the excitement of the circus - which obviously is “The Greatest Show On Earth”.

This Disco Video Mix also pays homage to Ms. Joan Crawford and is dedicated to my wonderful friend who shares a parallel for the love of music and film - Loulou from The Netherlands - thank you with much respect and care.

Featuring scenes from "Berserk" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced and concept by Ken Emmons

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