“Here I Am” by Mike Mareen – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Mike Mareen saved high energy music in the mid-80s with his blend of hard hitting keyboard riffs and rolling disco sequencer bass. His big dance floor hit, “Dancing In The Dark” from 1984 gave a new feel to the hard driving edge of imagination and the disco beat. “Here I Am” is from his 1985 album “LP Dance Control” and plays out like a terrifying love obsession in a broad and frightening sound. It is perfect for this Disco Video Mix.

I have taken the 2008 monster epic, “Cloverfield” which plays out in the director’s dreamy eyes as a creature for the United States as Godzilla is for Tokyo. The film is one of the frightening ones that I found in years and is perfect for the ominous sound of Mike Mareen’s “Here I Am” – only the monster is ominously announcing its presence vs. Mike’s love.

The film was directed by Matt Reeves

Featuring scenes from “Cloverfield” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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