“Music” by Montreal Sound – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Montreal Sound is a Canadian disco band from Gerry Bribosia and Jerry De Villers – with three albums released from 1977 – 1979. Their second project titled “One More Time” featured the single “Music” which was released as a 12” remix on the classic disco single label T.K. Disco. The single became an instant stick of dynamite for any party with its built in cheers and pulsating bass synthesizer breaks. The disco version is quite an example of a remix and how it is tailored for discotheques in the early days of disco music.

I have created a fast paced anthem-like Disco Video Mix using scenes from the 1942 American biographical musical film, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” starring James Cagney and Joan Leslie. The stars and striped dance sequences add to the trumpet blaring the French Canadian children’s song, “Alouette”. It is all is fun and funky twist in the big stage dance numbers.

The film was directed by Michael Curtiz

Featuring scenes from “Yankee Doodle Dandy” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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