“Disco Choo Choo” by Nightlife Unlimited – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Nightlife Unlimited is a Canadian disco group produced by Peter Di Milo and George Cucuzzella – featuring vocals from The Sweethearts of Sigma and Louis Toteda. The 1979 self-titled album is one of the big surprises for dance floors with a disco ribbon. A couple of hardcore dance anthems with breaks throughout the cuts and also two love ballads set to the disco beat. A disco dancer’s paradise for the time. “Disco Choo Choo” is one of the stomping dance pieces that give an array of handclaps, percussion and sequencers layered to create a dance fantasy trip on the “disco choo choo”.

I have taken the 12” remix of “Disco Choo Choo” with an edit to create this Disco Video Mix along with the 1937 action-adventure film, “Paradise Express” – the title which was used for the disco group produced by Herb Jimmerson and his wife Vi Ann on vocals (“Let’s Fly”, “Dance”, “Poinciana”) where Herb saw the film late one night and the title stuck. This Disco Video Mix takes pieces of the film and plays out the disco theme with chopping here and there – yet, keeping this train on the tracks! It is sheer fun!

The film was directed by Joseph Kane

Featuring scenes from “Paradise Express” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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