“Tech-No-Logical World” by Patrick Cowley – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Patrick Cowley’s finale album from 1982 was “Mind Warp” – is tragic that his life was taken from AIDS that year – in album notes he wrote much of the music while ill from his disease and eventually the track “Tech-No-Logical World” was based on the technology of the day yet no cure or knowledge of the disease that would take his life could be found or answered. Thus, the title “techno” and “no” are meaning “no logic” in a tech world.

I have taken the ghostly track which features vocal from the incredible, Paul Parker and paired it with the 1927 Fritz Lang expressionist film, “Metropolis” – which is set in a futuristic time and the social crisis between workers and corporate world take on destruction amidst the so-called perfect landscape.

Both work together thanks to the fantastic technical footage and the ultimate destruction of the metropolis.

The film was directed by Fritz Lang

Featuring scenes from “Metropolis” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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