“Right On Target” by Paul Parker – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Paul Parker is a disco artist from the early 80s who brought excitement to dance floors with the release of his first single, “Right On Target” in 1982. Written and produced by Patrick Cowley and released on his Megatone Records label the song reached #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. It was the beginning of a whole new era of dance music and creative edge for dance music. Paul’s sexy performance and vocals made this number a huge classic immediately.

I have created a Disco Video Mix using scenes from the 1965 James Bond series film, “Thunderball” starring Sean Connery. The action and Bond's hard to resist attraction to his female co-stars give the disco track a nice comparison.

The film was directed by Terence Young

Featuring scenes from “Thunderball” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

Video footage used on these projects are used soley to promote purchase of the DVD or CD/MP3.

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