“Reincarnation (Coming Back For Love)” by People Like Us - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

People Like Us is a group produced by Paul Crossley and Terry Owen – a large part of the Passion Records dance movement of the mid-80’s. The sound of rolling drums and orchestral keyboards.

“Reincarnation (Coming Back For Love)” was their second single release, which began a fan base for many hardcore dancers and DJs awaiting the next release. The track is simple and moving – a love shared so deep that returning to this existence is well worth it.

I have taken the 1977 horror film, “Audrey Rose” which deals directly with a spiritual reconnection with our world after tragic death. A bit dramatic – yet it fits into my left-field Disco Video Mixes.

The film stars Marsha Mason, John Beck and Anthony Hopkins and was directed by Robert Wise. It has some haunting moments and is probably better read than seen, since the subject and believe is deeper than visuals.

Featuring scenes from “Audrey Rose” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glen Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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