“Lady Of The Night” by Ray Martinez and Friends – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Ray Martinez and Friends is a project from Mr. Martinez from 1980 with the sound which echoes the excitement of disco and Latin rhythms. A return to the beautiful arrangement and creative edge which helped to make disco a sensation during the early and mid-70s. “Lady Of The Night” is a single which features a lovely 40s nightclub feel and haunting vocal that even to today paints a canvas made for memories and dancing. One of my favorite pieces of disco music ever and a lifesaver for the early 80s as it delivered the pure disco concept and another wonderful production from Mr. Ray Martinez (Amant, Passion, Foxy, Sassy, and George McCrae).

I have created a Disco Video Mix for “Lady Of The Night” blending scenes from the 1992 film “Mambo Kings” starring Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas. A drama of a pair of Cuban brothers who are aspiring musicians who come to America to revive their careers. Taking the nightclub sequences and light drama into this Disco Video Mix to paint a new part for this disco gem and keep this wonderful song alive.

This Disco Video Mix is dedicated with respect to Mr. Ray Martinez with thanks and lots of love.

The film was directed by Arne Glimcher

Featuring scenes from “The Mambo Kings” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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