"Savage Lover" by The Ring - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Producer Marcus Barone brought the studio band The Ring to life with their underground hit, "Savage Lover" - quite a mover and shaker. Long before a trance life feel was outlined in disco music "Savage Lover" brought the hypnotic and alluring feel of jungle percussion to life.

It has always been a dramatic moment for dance floors and even more so now with the accompanying of the 1976 film, "King Kong" with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges. The story always outlined a great love between beauty and the beast - or perhaps an understanding. But it is now more "savage" than ever.

The film was directed John Guillermin - the original version of "King Kong" was released in 1933 and starred Fay Wray.

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Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

This Disco Video Mix concept is dedicated to my niece, Theresa - thanks for keeping the song, as odd as it is, alive!

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