“Big Spender” by The Ritchie Family – Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

The film "Sweet Charity" was my favorite film at the age of 13. So don't be surprised that when The Ritchie Family released "American Generation" in 1978 featuring a disco version of "Big Spender" I was ecstatic!

It crossed my mind to use snippets of the film with Shirley McClaine, Chita Rivera and Paula Kelly and sync their fabulous dance numbers (choreographed by Bob Fosse. Well here it is! No sweat. Just lots of excitement.

Hold on. This is the disco version - although it may not appear to be out of place.

Featuring scenes from "Sweet Charity" - RENT THE DVD!
Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons (thank you, Ken for allowing me the time to stare at my computer screen for hours.)

Video footage used on these projects are used soley to promote purchase of the DVD or CD/MP3.

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