“Give Me A Break” by The Ritchie Family – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

The Ritchie Family are the ladies who made disco music feel ominous and forever. The true essence of attitude and energy which, disco music created in the mid and late 70s. Their 1980 hit, “Give Me A Break” is a track from the film “Can’t Stop The Music” – and also gave them the opportunity to hit the big screen in all of their beauty and sass.

I have taken the disco hit and blended it with the 1979 film “Norma Rae” starring Sally Fields and Beau Bridges – the drama that tells the story of a factory worker in a small town who fights for employee rights and health rights and fight to unionize her shop. It is one of the memorable moments in film history for both Sally Fields and outlining a woman’s power and success.

The film was directed by Martin Ritt

Featuring scenes from “Norma Rae” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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