"One Night Only" by Scherrie Payne - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

"Dreamgirls" was an explosive Broadway musical with lasting effect in many arenas of music history. One of the most incredible segments of this Michael Bennett masterpiece was the song, "One Night Only". This track has since been adapted to many stages to give the drama of success and how quickly it may come and go.

In 1984, Scherrie Payne (sister of singer Freda Payne) released a disco cover of the song on Megatone Records - produced by the legendary, Rick Gianatos. Scherrie was one of the ladies to grace The Supremes from 1973 - 1977. The single included backing vocals by Cindy Birdsong, Edna Wright and Pat Hodges.

I have taken this piece and paired it with the 1976 film, "Sparkle" starring Irene Cara, Philip Michael Thomas and Lonette McKee - the story outlines a group of youngsters from Harlem whose dreams take them into fame and also a life's drama. I believe this was the original "Dreamgirls" theme roughly done for the time.

The film was directed by Sam O'Steen

Featuring scenes from "Sparkle" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

Dedicated to Mr. Rick Gianatos and Scherrie Payne

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