“Baby Sitter” by Soul Iberca Band – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Soul Iberca Band is a disco project from 1976 – produced by Daniel Vangarde (Gibson Brothers) and Jean Kluger (Nightschool). Their 1977 disco single “Baby Sitter” is a funky riff on a sexy baby sitter theme – which plays out with plenty of horns, wind and funky guitars to a disco crescendo. A great novelty piece and also an early disco-funk import which made many DJs and dancers feel the energy of a formula exploding in discotheques.

This Disco Video Mix takes scenes from the 1987 comedy “Adventures In Babysitting” and places Elizabeth Shue in the footsteps of our funky heroine. The video plays out on scenes from the unexpected trip into the city and the situations that make a night memorable for her job and mischievous kids.

The film was directed by Chris Columbus

Featuring scenes from “Adventures In Babysitting” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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