“Beatles 60’s Medley” by Stars On 45 – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Stars On 45 is a Dutch dance project started by Jaap Eggermont where “bits and pieces” of classic rock, standards and pop songs were compiled into a medley. Inspired by a DJ bootleg disc titled “Let’s Do It Again” from 1980 where the actual songs were mixed over the rhythm track to “Nanu, Nanu (I Wanna Funky Wich You)” by Daddy Dewdrops. This mass production included medleys from ABBA, Motown, rock giants and The Beatles.

“Beatles 60’s Medley” is from the first album released by Stars On 45 which soon became a touring group covering medleys by various pop groups with sound-alike singers and tracks.

I have taken the medley and blended it with The Beatles 1964 comedy, “A Hard Day’s Night” which features clips and images from the days in the lives of these very talented men who are now the markers in history for a wave of new rock n’ roll.

The film was directed by Richard Lester

Featuring scenes from “A Hard Day’s Night” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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