“Extraterrestrial Lover” by Sylvia Love - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Sylvia Love (Chantal Pierre) has 2 places in disco history – “Instant Love” and “Extraterrestrial Lover”. Produced by Trevor Vallis in 1979, these tracks exude the energy that disco music is all about. Flowing and lovely, both tracks have a sensual feel with both Sylvia’s vocals and Trevor’s keyboards and arrangements that are surely tailored as for a dance floor at 5 AM.

This style of disco music has always held a special place in my world and dance floor – weaving an imaginary place and theme with pulsating energy lightly accenting a make-believe journey.

Using the 1984 John Carpenter film, “Starman” as the eye candy here is a perfect match for “Extraterrestrial Lover”. The story outlines a starship from outer space, which crash lands to avoid an attack from a military aircraft, and a visitor is introduced to a young woman. After taking on the characteristics of her deceased husband through DNA from a locket of hair she becomes fearful at first, but then realizes the special event will bring her heart closer again to the memory of her loved one.

Note: I can remember a visitor to my booth back in 1984 while playing this Sylvia’s track and saying that the song was a take off of “E.T.” – when actually this song was released in 1979. Long before our little extraterrestrial friend found Reese's Pieces.

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Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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