“Happy Together” by Terms Of Surrender – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Terms Of Surrender is a track which appeared on a Disconet Program (Volume 5 Program 12) in 1983 and is produced by Mark Berry. This strange and haunting cover of The Turtles 1967 classic takes the love song into a deep and percolating 80s street beat arrangement. Always an early morning/sleaze piece for me and a favorite among those hardcore Disconet followers. The moody sound gives the song a new direction with plenty of the beat box effects to make it stand out as a hidden gem.

I have taken the 1979 horror film “Tourist Trap” into a terrifying twist using Chuck Connors’ character as a mentally disturbed man with telekinetic powers into the eerie disco track. The female interest played by Jocelyn Jones is caught here in the grips of an obsessed killer who desires another lover to add to his mannequin collection. It is a venture that was implemented and paired with the feel of the Terms Of Surrender piece.

The film was directed by David Schoeller

Featuring scenes from “Tourist Trap” – RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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