“Disco Blood” by The Vamps – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

The Vamps released "Disco Blood" in 1977 on Building Records - a Brazilian label. The tracks were evidently influenced by European disco music and also the pop disco sound of the mid and late 70's. All with humor and great fun to create a lighter side of the things that can really "suck"! (sorry about the pun)

The project was produced by Santiago "Sam" Malnati

"Disco Blood" is brought to life here with the 1979 film, "Nocturna" - which featured a disco soundtrack with Gloria Gaynor, Vicki Sue Robinson, The Sweethearts of Sigma and Moment Of Truth. With the exception of Gloria and Vicki's tracks, which are now classics the remainder of the sound track is obviously a fast production of disco music during the rush of the record labels push to get the most product out into the market.

The film was a cheesy and campy version of Dracula's granddaughter, Nocturna (Nai Bonet) and her love affair with a mortal disco band member (Anthony Hamilton) and finally their freedom to love one another. And later boogie down with each other at the Starship Discovery discotheque.

The film also starred John Carradine and Yvonne DeCarlo - it had some funny moments with dialogue. The film still has not made the DVD market yet.

Featuring scenes from "Nocturna" - RENT THE VHS!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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