“Ready For The 80s” by Village People – Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Village People released their fifth album in 1979 and appropriately featured a sendoff of the fabulous 70s into the adventurous and new 80s. Music would change but the need to dance did not cease. The album titled, “Live and Sleazy” featured three sides from a live concert and four new songs. “Ready For The 80s” I decided to use homage to the new crop of images, music and talent of the 80s – I may have left a few out – but this is the blend in the kaleidoscope of art.

The medley is dedicated to all of you – for without your dedication and love for dance music the mirror ball would have stopped a long time ago. Keep that uplifting feeling alive!

Featuring scenes from 80's Artists Vision
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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