"San Francisco" by V.I.S.A. - Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

Another great Celso Valli studio group was V.I.S.A. - featuring the big track, "San Francisco". Very similar to his project Nuggets ("New York") with the same gusto and excitement.

The album was originally released in 1979 (Polydor - Italy) and later in 1980 (Unidisc - Canada) - produced by Angelo Piccarreta and Felix Music Production.

This Disco Video Mix takes V.I.S.A.'s track places it above scenes from the 1936 film, "San Francisco" starring Clark Gable and Jeanette MacDonald - focusing on the Barbary Coast before and after the big quake, which destroyed the city. I have used only the celebratory segments to keep the magic of the disco track on the right track.

Featuring scenes from "San Francisco" - RENT THE DVD!
Disco Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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