"Something Scary" by Zsa Zsa LaBoum - Video Mix by Glenn Rivera

In 1981 a film based on accounts from Carla Moran's experiences with an unknown source is "The Entity". The film was a good depiction of the possibilities of a negative energy crossing the parallel of human life. It was a very spooky outline and based on actual events.

Belgium New-Beat artist, Zsa Zsa LaBoum on Kaos Dance Records in 1988 -- Produced by S.M. - this track is a strange one, but not too distant if you had any knowledge of the new beat dance movement in the late 80's. Most tracks outlined intense synthesizers, weird subjects and play on words. I personally found it very interesting and innovative. From New Beat came Techno and Rave music.

"Something Scary" is an eerie tune -- enough to give you goose bumps. The samples from "The Entity" -- using Barbara Hershey's voice, "I was alone in my room...Something grabbed me, and smothered me." This always remained in my mind from the first time hearing it back in 1988 to someday create the outline for a video using excerpts -- here it is. You will hear the word "acid" repeated constantly throughout -- this influenced by the Acid House style of music, which is the predecessor of New Beat.

A bit on the dark-side it works the realm of the sound of New Beat in a mysterious way. Once again, the transition of dance from disco to where it is today encompasses many genres of dance music -- this is one of them.

Featuring scenes from "The Entity" -- RENT THE DVD!
Video Mix by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons

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