"Beat The Street" - Sharon Redd - Video by Glenn Rivera

I had the honor to meet Sharon Redd ("In The Name Of Love") back in 1988 - she passed in 1992 but left so much beautiful and meaningful music behind her.

She agreed to shoot a few videos with me at the time and we did this video for "Beat The Street" here in Downtown, San Diego, Ca back in 1988. It was fun to shoot and editing was even better. Sharon loved "Beat The Street" and the meaning behind it - that meaning being, "Don't waste your life - you have only got one!"

I dedicate this to Sharon and her wonderful mother, Katie!

"Love Insurance" - Sharon Redd - Video by Glenn Rivera

The this is the third of the video series shot with Sharon Redd in 1988 - this video shot at Presidio Park - the song is a disco classic and featured Sharon's incredible vocals - the funny this about the shoot was an actual wedding party showed up in the background completing the mood of the song!

"We're Friends Again" - Sharon Redd - Video by Glenn Rivera
There are a few more videos of Sharon Redd which will be added soon.
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